Cup Coach Scat

Is it just me, or are the names of many World Cup coaches more than a little scatological. Take for example Australian coach, Guus Hiddink. I mean, really. Begs the question: Where did he hide it?

How about Argentina's coach Jose Pekerman? Or South Korea's Dick Advocaat? Dick Advocaat!

My personal favourite has got to be Togo's Otto Pfister. That conjures an indelible mental image, doesn't it?

Maybe it is just me after all.



Stephen Colbert is so skilled at being the Devil's Advocate, oozing irony with every bon mot he delivers. Like tonight, while interviewing Bart Ehrmann, author of Misquoting Jesus. After hesitantly conceding he is an agnostic, Ehrmann is stung by Colbert: "Isn't an agnostic just an atheist without balls?"

"The country is run by extremists..."

During his interview with author and Washington Post columnist Juliet Eilperin, Jon Stewart lamented, "The country is run by extremists because the moderates all have shit to do." Too true.


Germans Limp to Victory

DORTMUND -- The Germans did not mount an overwhelming offensive against the Poles today. They did just enough to score a goal, and more importantly 3 points in the standings, quenching any hope the Poles had of advancing to the round of 16 today. Neuville delivered the Germans from an embarrassing draw in extra time. After 180 minutes of play against Ecuador and Germany, the Poles have yet to post a goal and deserve to go home.