Galloway Excoriates SkyTV Interviewer

British MP George Galloway blasted a SkyTV interviewer, the media in general, and everyone in the world with a memory no longer than 4 weeks for the obfuscating rhetoric and perspective employed in reports about the recent conflict in Lebanon. This interview is not to be missed.
"The Hezbollah are a part of the Lebanese national resistance who are trying to drive—having successfully driven most Israelis from their land in 2000—Israel from the rest of their land, and are trying to get back those thousands of Lebanese prisoners who were kidnapped by Israel under the terms of their illegal occupation of Lebanon. [...]

"[Israel] has killed thirty times more Lebanese civilians than have died in Israel. So it's you who should be justifying the evident bias which is written on every line on your face, and is in every nuance of your voice, and is loaded in every question that you ask. [...]

"America has given Israel missiles that can target not just every city in Lebanon, but every city in the Arab and Moslem world including Iran. Why should America be allowed to give long-range missiles to Israel—including hundreds of nuclear missiles—but Iran is not allowed to give—"
"Because Hezbollah is a terrorist organization—"
"But they're not a terrorist organization. [...] It's Israel that is a terrorist state!"

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