Wikileaks Supporters Determined To Turn Public Against Them

In a series of Denial of Service attacks, ostensibly in support of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, the hacker community intends to target some of the most popular and important e-commerce sites.

Already attacked: MasterCard, amazon.com, PayPal, visa.com.

The attacks are intended as a retaliation for these sites interfering with hosting of or donations to WikiLeaks. They seem to me the surest way to galvanize opposition to WikiLeaks, and frame its activities as public mischief rather than public service.

Like Fareed Zakaria, I am impressed by the quality of the American diplomatic cables, and the alignment of their content with the public rhetoric of the State Department. However, while the US may not have been compromised directly, its relationships with other states--whose public and private foreign policy bear little resemblance--are at risk.

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