Canadian Muslim Cleric Stirs Hatred

I was disgusted when I heard the remarks of Sheik Younus Kathrada broadcast on CBC last night. You can see a report here.

His remarks came to prominence because a 26-year-old Vancouverite, Rudwan Khalil Abubaker, was killed in Chechnya reportedly engaging in terrorist activity there. Investigations into what may have led Abubaker to be found there discovered that he had attended the Dar Al-Madinah mosque in Vancouver.

The CBC claims that the lecture in question was posted to the mosque's website shortly after Hamas leader, Sheik Ahmed Yassin, was assassinated. I visited the mosque's site and could not find a lecture of that date, roughly March or April 2004. I could therefore not verify for myself the accuracy of CBC's report:
In his lecture, Kathrada also said the enmity between Muslims and Jews will never go away. He lashed out at Muslims who say bridges should be built between the two religious communities.

He said there will never be peace, instead there will be an apocalyptic war.

"Then what will happen? Listen to the good news after that. The prophet ... says that the stone and the tree will say, 'Oh Muslim, oh slave of Allah, that verily behind me is a Jew. Then come and kill him.'"
These remarks are inexcusable. I hope Kathrada is formally investigated for crimes described in the Criminal Code of Canada, sections 318 (Advocating Genocide) and 319 (Public Incitement to Hatred). If evidence of wrongdoing is found, may justice be served--not by wanton state-sponsored assassination as 'justice' is meted out in the Middle East, but by stopping the activity and incarcerating the perpetrator.

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apple said...

I do too. I don't know when Muslims will wake up and realize what they are doing to themselves. I suppose it will always be easier to stay in a victimized mindset.

Anyway, thought you might be interested in looking at this lady's blog. She does a lot of interesting work in the Palestinian territories, building those scorned bridges.


Hope you are well.