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The Minnesota Twins at the New York Yankees
Yankee Stadium, Thursday, September 30
My friend and colleague, David, invited me out to a ball game while we were briefly in New York recently, and what a game. The Yankees broke two records that night—the single-season attendance record and the franchise home runs in a season record—as well as clinching their division in dramatic style with a Bernie Williams dinger in the bottom of the ninth to break a 4-4 tie. Best spectator moments: fan in front of us hollering 'Konichi-wa!' at every Matsui at bat for five innings before learning it simply meant 'hello.' He switched to 'Banzai!' Best moment happened after Olerud homered in his third at bat to wild adulation, then grounded out in his fourth. He was rewarded immediately with 'You're a bum!' from an especially fickle fan a few seats back.

Brad Mehldau Quartet
Live at the Village Vanguard, Friday, Oct 1
Mehldau adds Mark Turner's saxophone to his familiar trio. I thought the ensemble played with mixed results. Larry Grenadier (b) had the most enjoyable solo of the night, but both Mehldau and Turner displayed flares of virtuosic brilliance. Somehow, Turner's solos seemed more self-indulgent than the others'.

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