Voting With Their Feet

This is not a post on how amputees made their opinions known last week. This is about Americans so frustrated with their myopic, bloodthirsty, xenophobic countrymen, that they are contemplating cutting their losses and moving to Canada:

Disenchanted Americans flood immigration website

This is a best case scenario phenomenon if true. Skilled, affluent, principled, left-leaning immigrants are hard to come by. But this immigration approach leads to so much paperwork and lawyer-fleecing. I have an alternate suggestion.

All the states that voted for Kerry either border Canada or are contiguous with states that do (except Hawaii). I propose that Canada simply annexes these states, and become a super-state, known perhaps as New Canafornida.

Yes, Washington, Oregon, California, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Pennsyvania, New York, Maryland, DC, Deleware, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, Massachussets, Maine, and New Hampshire--Hawaii, too--join our nation. Join a nation (unlike the UK or Australia) that refused to embark on an immoral war to secure oil, predicated on lies. Join a nation that elects centrist parties, not extremists. Join a nation where God's place is in the church, mosque, or temple, not the legislature. Join a nation of boundless beauty, and natural riches. Join a nation that understands that guns do kill people. Join a nation that cares for each of its citizens when they become ill. Join a nation that is a friend to the world. We welcome you with open arms.

Thinking about moving to Canada, the best country in the world? Check out Citizenship and Immigration Canada. And dress warmly.


apple said...

Have you seen Marry an American? Not sure if it's worse living under Bush or partnering up with the struggling actor looking for someone who is willing to work to support him until he gets his break.

'steve' said...

As an eight month old infant I made the decision to relocate to Canada, and I have never regretted the move. I am now a somewhat-skilled, semi-affluent, usually-principled and definitely left leaning immigrant living the Canadian dream. Good choice, eh?

ps - Izzo, you did not answer my question about your prolific publishing rate and how you have managed to create a 26 hour day!

igm said...

The '26 hour day' is a consequence of my 3 minute walking commute to and from work. Three minutes. No ice scraping, car warming, traffic stewing, speed trapping, gas filling, or car parking required. I also don't run a treadmill like some eight-stone hamster on a wheel. I don't run anywhere if my sole destination is improving my fitness for more running. I have been known to run to the parks for a volleyball game. And I sleep in after staying up. And I'm late for everything. Missing the first ten minutes of every meeting or clinic is a tremendous timesaver.