Christian Clue

I wouldn't describe myself as a Simpsons fanboy. I'm not a regular viewer anymore, though during med school I watched the show religiously. But I caught yesterday's episode, Bart Has Two Mommies (season 17, episode 14, air date March 19, 2006), and had to post about something that made me laugh out loud.

Marge babysits milquetoasts Rod and Todd Flanders. Upon returning home, Ned spots a band-aid package "rip-cord" on the floor, and discovers that one of his boys (I can never keep them straight) has a boob-diddly-oo-boo, cutting his finger on the knife in "Christian Clue".

Flanders' other son reports on the crime solution this time: the Secular Humanist did it in the Schoolhouse with Misinformation!

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Anonymous said...

Another gem of the "Christian Clue" summation is the picture of a dinosaur on the misinformation card... Take that creationism!