Say It Isn't So, James...Do Be A Good Chap And Say It Isn't So

Like most people encumbered by a Y chromosome, I have a soft spot for James Bond and his pantheon of villains and floosies.  I have enjoyed Pierce Brosnan's current incarnation in the role, but recently read of unfriendly remarks Mr Brosnan directed at his producers.  This despite a reliable eight-figure-payoff for appearing in the role, enough to placate the nefarious Dr Evil twenty times over.  The most recent figure being negotiated was twenty-five meelyon dollars.

I was relieved in early March when I read "Brosnan Still Bond-ing", but apparently was falsely reassured.  The media has wasted no time in suggesting alternative, younger Bonds: Ewan McGregor (31 Mar 1971), Heath Ledger (4 Apr 1979), Orlando Bloom (13 Jan 1977), and Jude Law (29 Dec 1972).  I am concerned that one of these tykes may actually win the role, like Ben Affleck taking over from Harrison Ford and Alec Baldwin in the Jack Ryan franchise.  Bond should be played by someone with poise, physical presence, and a sense of maturity.  Someone like Ralph Fiennes (22 Dec 1962), Clive Owen (3 Oct 1964), Eric Bana (9 Aug 1968), or even Rupert Everett (29 May 1959) would work better in the role than the youngsters I read about. 

That's my tuppence.

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