Super Spider Battle Armor

I was telling my friend yesterday about a stunning sight I witnessed on my driveway:  a spider web dragline that extended from the hood of my wife's car to the branch of a cedar about 20 feet away.  We talked about the high strength by weight of web silk.  He told me about a project funded by the US military to employ transgenic sheep in the manufacture of websilk fibers in milk.  The material can be harvested and used to build lightweight, flexible, and nearly impregnable battle armor, or so he says.
I took a look around.  This is what I could find: 

  I think a lot of these stories co-incided with the release of Spider-Man in early 2002.  I couldn't find any news stories since.   The latest posting to the Nexia Biotech website lists the product as BioSteel, but not much beyond that.  Nexia is also looking at developing the material for biodegradable medical sutures.

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