A Word On My Sources

You may have noticed many links peppering my posts. I always try to link to the most reliable source material possible. That frequently means linking to original documents on corporate or government websites, transcripts of interviews or speeches, or complete periodical articles or book excerpts published online. I take great pains to avoid transcribing hearsay posted on partisan websites, and I try to corroborate all facts with reliable sources.

This achieves a few objectives. It presents you with the opportunity to read the original source material so you can draw your own conclusions. It safeguards the quality and accuracy of the information I present. And it affords me an opportunity to do my own reading of the source material and draw conclusions which may be different from those appearing in the publications which initiated my search.

I am continually amazed at the breadth of documents accessible while sitting on my ass in front of my computer. It can be a challenge sometimes to find reliable information on the web, but some dilligence with a search engine usually pays dividends quickly. Finding these needles among the acres of haystacks is an art in itself, and an absurd source of pride. But that's what I'm like.