Amiel, Ariel; Ariel, Amiel

I happened across an old issue of Maclean's at the hospital where I work. I don't know why the December 5, 2005 issue was lying around, but the Maclean's negative mojo was in full effect. In yellow block letters over a fetching black and white photo of ND Leader Jack Layton, the cover blared Who is this man and why is he running the country? This reminds me of their Liberal leadership home stretch covers touting Michael Ignatieff as the best thing since Pierre Trudeau sliced bread, and we remember how that's turned out, right Stephane Dion?

Anyhoo, the reason I brought up this particular issue of Maclean's is to point out the Curse of the Black Widow, Barbara Amiel. This issue carries her column titled "The steely survivor." She writes: "Weight and waist circumference are highly overrated markers of a man's health and vigour, as the rotund 77-year-old prime minister of Israel demonstrates." On December 18, Ariel Sharon was incapacitated by a stroke he never recovered from. He entered a persistent vegetative state from which he never recovered.

Cute-as-a-button Amiel goes on to spew out other nonsense, like "Israel's survival depends on it remaining an ethnic Jewish state" because "living under the rule of unbelievers is anathema for Muslims." The six or seven hundred thousand Muslims in Canada seem to be living under the rule of a devoutly and unabashedly Christian leader just fine. The real danger in Israel is the continued belief by many that Israel belongs to Jews by Divine Right. Israel's survival depends precisely on it no longer remaining an ethnic Jewish state, a condition that will change passively as Arab Israelis gradually shift the demographics in the tiny state with their higher birth rate. As long as they stop blowing themselves up.

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