Rumours of the Liberal Party's Death Are Greatly Exaggerated

Another voice in the chorus of Ignatieff naysayers, James Travers in the Toronto Star continued to perpetuate disinformation about the Opposition Leader's current fortunes.

According to Travers, Ignatieff has made key "rookie mistakes" that now have his party "down in the dumps." That's an interesting interpretation of the most recent polling data from EKOS, July 9, 2009.
For Ignatieff's catastrophic blunders of "taking a position that can't be abandoned without severe damage or high risk," and threatening to bring the neoConservatives down without being prepared to follow-through on an election, Ignatieff has been punished by...continuing to enjoy a narrow lead.

The latest polling shows the Conservatives and Liberals in essentially a dead heat (31.8 to 32%, respectively) with the other parties trailing far behind. Thanks to those millions spent on the attack ads, Canadians now feel Harper is almost as fit to lead the country as Ignatieff.

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