Shame on the Times

The New York Times published an article today entitled "Israel Suffers Bloodiest Day of Fight With Hezbollah." In fact Israeli soldiers incurred between 8 and 14 casualties while fighting "house to house, and village to village" in southern Lebanon. The Israeli border was not breached by Hezbollah. No Lebanese or Hezbollah casualties are reported in the article.

Can you say "journalistic bias"?

ADDENDUM: The Times changed the title of this story to "Israel Battles Militants in Conflict's Deadliest Day." Hezbollah casualties were vaguely described as numbering in the dozens. A new photograph was substituted for the original. The deaths of 23 Palestinians were added for good measure.

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Anonymous said...

Shame, indeed. Ouch! Ah, well, must consider where they live, though - NY.